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Fleetwood Mac Confirms 2013 Tour

You probably know them from 1977’s Rumours. You might know their blues sound or their pop sound or the sound that’s a little more classic rock. You might know the lineup from the 70s or the one from the 90s. Either way, we can all agree that Fleetwood Mac is a band that knows how to switch it up. Rumors have been circulating about whether or not the band would be reuniting, and singer/songwriter Stevie Nicks has confirmed that the band will be going on a reunion tour next year. But that’s not all. Nicks has also revealed that the band members are discussing recording new music to coincide with their live dates, but nothing is set in stone just yet. “We go into rehearsals somewhere around the end of February. So… if everything goes to plan, we should probably be out [on the road] by the end of April [or] May, I would think,” Nicks told ABC News Radio. 

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