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Jack White Disappoints at Radio City Music Hall

Jack White’s highly anticipated concert at Radio City Music Hall this Saturday left his fans pretty bent out of shape. And by “bent out of shape,” we mean “they were so pissed off that they nearly started a riot.” Good thing they don’t sell torches and pitchforks at concerts. Both White and the audience seemed to have ended the night underwhelmed. White complained about the venue’s sound and the audience response, saying, “Jesus Christ, is this an NPR Convention?” despite the crowd’s enthusiasm. White played mostly new material, but also shook it up with four White Stripes songs. After a paltry 12-song set, White abruptly ended the show. He played for less than an hour. The audience waited around for several minutes, thinking White would return. Once it was clear White had left the building for good, then the audience booed and started a raucous, expletive-filled chant directed at the artist. The concert-goers tried to return their merch and gathered around the backstage exit. Luckily, Sunday’s show found Jack White (and consequentially, his fans) in much better spirits. White played 21 songs for about an hour and a half of material. 

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