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Jack White Premieres “I’m Shakin'” Video

Back in 1960, Rudolph “Rudy” Toombs wrote the bluesy “I’m Shakin’” for Little Willie John, who had no problem continuing to rock the charts with the new smash hit. It’s 2012, but Jack White brings back a classic 1960 feel with some of his characteristic funk to punctuate the old time jam. White has premiered the video for the song, which comes off his solo album, Blunderbuss. We feel like it’s a flashback to the White Stripes days with a simple yet specific two-toned color palette, but instead of his classic red and white, White mixes it up with the black and blue. Throughout the whole video, we seem to be seeing double, with a mirror image of two Jack Whites battling it out while looking quite dapper in their stylish threads. You can check out the video of “I’m Shakin’” below. 

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