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Neil Young and Crazy Horse Premiere 17-Minute Long Video for “Ramada Inn”

We’re pretty sure Neil Young and Crazy Horse are looking to beat a world record for longest songs. At least that’s what it looks like on their upcoming album, Psychedelic Pill. They cut down the 16-minute “Walk Like a Giant” for the video, but they’ve decided to keep it all for the video for “Ramada Inn.” That’s right. The video runs for a good 17 minutes with clips that look like they’ve been taken from shows on TV Land. You definitely get a nostalgic feel for old-school Americana—nothing to be surprised about from the musical brains of Neil Young and Crazy Horse. There’s also a sense of slow movement and introspection, with most of the footage taken from a car going down a highway. And of course we can’t forget the psychedelia mentioned in the album title. Like the video for “Walk Like a Giant,” “Ramada Inn” also features several peeks into the shifting colors and shapes on the inside of a kaleidoscope.  You can see the video for “Ramada Inn” below. Psychedelic Pill comes out October 30th

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