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The Kingston Springs – The Kingston Springs (Old Mug)




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Self-Titled DebutWith much color accenting their Nashville palette, the Kingston Springs have plenty of legroom when it comes to their musical canvas and on their self-titled debut, The Kingston Springs, they gleam. Impressive is the craftsmanship of songs and the band’s ability to ride rocky waves of surf pop one minute, then wipeout into blues oblivion the next—all while still looking cool. With unforced arrangements and mature themes threading tracks, the Kingston Springs add years to their just-barely-over-the- drinking-age IDs.

Gravitate towards the heavy bass of “Weight of this World,” where alt rock tiptoes to a softer side, exposing the beautiful naiveity of love through a bittersweet tinge of dueling vocals. “1991” steps back, pulled by a rag-time piano swing J. Roddy Walston could appreciate, then plants you right on Bourbon Street with a trumpet so pristine. As multi-talented musicians, the Kingston Springs allow their craving for traditionalism to ease its way into their progressive thumbprints. “Sweet Susie” finds the Ventures and Led Zeppelin at a punk rock show while “Dirty Sherry” defends rebellion in this outlaw southern swag by-way-of CCR. With “Lowest of Animals,” perhaps somewhere is Dan Auerbach, listening with an admiring smile at the transcendence of tried and true, fuzzed-out heavy blues.

Having cruised along this year’s summer festival circuit, (SXSW, Lollapalooza, Hangout Fest, Starry Nights, CMJ) as well as playing a hooking set at Brooklyn Bowl this past Monday, the Kingston Springs proved their endurance and are ready for the challenges that lie ahead. Nashville, keep more bands like this a-coming.

-Melissa Caruso



See them Live: October 27th, the Satellite Bar & Lounge, Wilmington, NC



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