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Christine McVie Not Returning To Fleetwood Mac

Fleetwood Mac are heading out on tour in April, and there’s already talk of a new album in the works. However, it appears that they’ll be doing all of this without singer Christine McVie. In an interview with Rolling Stone, Stevie Nicks said that McVie just doesn’t seem interested in playing with the band anymore.

“She doesn’t want to do it anymore,” Nicks said. “When she left, she left. When she moved to England, she sold her house, her car, her piano. She hasn’t been back [to America] since 1998.” McVie hasn’t played with the rest of Fleetwood Mac since the recording of their album The Dance.

Nicks says that she doesn’t harbor any resentment towards McVie over her decision to leave the band and left the door open to her eventual return. However, she admitted that McVie’s return was highly unlikely, saying “I don’t think it’ll happen.”

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