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Dave Grohl Directing New Soundgarden Video

Some people use the holidays as their chance to kick back in the armchair with a pair of fuzzy slippers and a mug of hot cocoa and relax while their favorite holiday specials play on repeat. But for others, it’s business as usual. Dave Grohl worked his rear off this year with his laundry list of projects:  drumming on the Queens of the Stone Age album, reuniting with Nirvana and directing the Sound City documentary. And he’s going to keep on moving through the end of the year as he sits back into the director’s chair for Soundgarden’s music video for “Crooked Steps.” For those who remembered the big Seattle grungesters in th 90s, this shouldn’t be too much of a surprise. Both Soundgarden and Nirvana rocked the Seattle scene, so maybe Dave will bring some of that 90s nostalgia back. We don’t really know what the video’s going to be about yet, but photos from the set have revealed biker jackets, tattooed bar maids and Matt Cameron donning a motorcycle helmet.

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