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Dave Grohl Makes Directorial Debut in Sound City Documentary

It seems like Dave Grohl can do anything: songwriting, guitar-playing, drumming, and now directing. The head Foo Fighter is making his debut behind the camera in Sound City, a documentary on the legendary recording studio in California. The film is scheduled to premiere at the Sundance Film Festival early next year.

Grohl was inspired to make the film after he purchased the studio’s old recording console last year. The studio represents an important point in Grohl’s career, as it is where he, Kurt Cobain, and Krist Novoselic recorded the landmark album Nevermind. Other artists, such as Fleetwood Mac, Neil Young, Metallica, and Cheap Trick, also recorded at the studio, but Sound City never achieved the legendary status given to other famed recording studios like Sun Studios and Abbey Road.

Watch the trailer for Sound City, which features appearances from such stars as Tom Petty and Stevie Nicks, below:

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