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Rolling Stones Rumored To Play Coachella

The Rolling Stones may have accidentally dropped a huge hint as to what their plans for 2013 are. The Stones’ mobile phone app tracks their tour dates for the year, and the app added two new dates for their tour: a screening of a new documentary in Huntington, New York…and a performance in Indio, California in April 2013, the weekend of the Coachella Music & Arts Festival.

The post was almost immediately taken off of the app, but it may have given a hint as to what the Stones have planned for the upcoming year. Guitarist Keith Richards has repeatedly said that the handful of shows the band played over the past two months were not all that the band were going to do for their silver jubilee.

This would be an interesting move for the band: the Stones are notorious for rarely playing festivals, having last played one in 2007 at the Isle of Wight. However, Coachella has managed to get some big names like Paul McCartney and Roger Waters to head out to the desert, so it’s not crazy to take this latest rumor a little seriously.

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