A Year in the Life by Bill Payne

A Year in the Life by Bill Payne

by Bill Payne

Being a musician is being part of a fraternity. On January 30, 1975, Little Feat performed a concert in Amsterdam. The place was packed; we were on fire, and for good reason. The Rolling Stones, en masse, were on both sides of the stage, watching us play. It is quite something to look over and see your heroes checking you out. After the concert, we congregated in the dressing room downstairs. I saw Keith Richards, went up to him and poured out my heart about how cool it was that he and the Stones were there and how much his guitar playing had influenced my keyboard style. He put his arm around me and said, “Ah mate, we’re all part of the same cloth.” I thought, “If Keith Richards is telling me I’m part of the club, then I must be.”

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