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Black Keys, Flaming Lips Announce Joint Tour

Photo by Danny Clinch
Photo by Danny Clinch

You wouldn’t think that there’s a lot of overlap between the Black Keys and the Flaming Lips. One is a bare-bones rock duo who eschew presentation in favor of hard-driving songs; the other are a group of psychedelic freaks with a fondness for fake blood, plastic bubbles, and modified Guitar Hero controllers. It doesn’t seem like an ideal pairing for a tour, but that’s exactly what fans are going to get.

The Keys and The Lips will be hitting the road together this spring for a handful of dates across the U.S., stopping in Pittsburgh, Kansas City, Atlanta, and Nashville. Neither group has released a statement about the tour yet, but the possibility of these two bands collaborating onstage is an interesting, if inherently strange, proposition.

After the tour, the Keys plan to begin recording the follow-up to their Grammy-nominated hit album El Camino. Singer/guitarist Dan Auerbach told Mojo that recording would start later this month and that he expected the album to be done by March. The as-of-yet untitled and unwritten album has no solid release date yet, and Auerbach was careful not to make any solid promises about the album’s release.

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