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Director Brett Morgen Reveals Some Details on Cobain Film

Kurt-CobainYou’ve been hearing about it for a while now—how are we going to bring back the iconic artist whose melancholy songs and disillusionment had people singing along with hits like “Smells Like Teen Spirit” and “You Know You’re Right?” There have been many failed attempts, many of which were shot down before they could even gain traction. But Director Brett Morgen is looking hopeful about his Kurt Cobain film.

The director, whose most recent project was the Rolling Stones documentary Crossfire Hurricane, says this Cobain film “will be this generation’s The Wall.” This film has been a long time coming; Courtney Love and the Cobain estate approached Morgen to make the film several years ago and he’s been working on it for four years now. The film looks like it’s going to be quite the artistic pursuit, using mixed media to reflect Cobain’s different artistic pursuits (Cobain also left behind drawings, paintings, films, etc). In an interview with NME, Morgen called the film “a mix of animation and live action that’ll allow the audience to experience Kurt in a way they never have before.” He hopes to see the film released in 2014.

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