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Green Day Documentary to Premiere at Winter X Games

urlIf watching international sports stars participate in a competition of extreme winter sports isn’t exciting enough for you, the winter X Games will also be host to Green Day’s new documentary. VH1 and MTV2 already screened some clips from the documentary in 2012, but the entirety of the film will be showcased in the 2013 Aspen X Games. If you were curious about how the punk rockers came to create and release their recent album trilogy, ¡Uno!, ¡Dos! and ¡Tré!, then you’re in luck. The documentary, called ¡Quatro!, will explore the creative process behind the trilogy. The band will be present during the screening. The 2013 X Games kick off on January 24. ¡Quatro! is scheduled to premiere on January 26 at 9:15pm at Aspen’s Wheeler Opera House.  

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