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Hear Another New Song From Vampire Weekend

Vampire Weekend Arms new songPreviously, we had told you about the upcoming album from indie-rock behemoths Vampire Weekend. They had already given us a taste of the new album with “Unbelievers,” a new track that they had played on Jimmy Kimmel Live! Now, fan blog Team Vampire Weekend has released a live recording of another new song, “Arms,” via SoundCloud.

Previously, singer/guitarist Ezra Koenig had said that their third record would be a musical departure from their signature Afrobeat-meets-indie-rock sound that defined their self-titled debut and 2010’s Contra. Judging from “Arms,” the changes they make may not be all that drastic. The song is more or less vintage Vampire Weekend, and it heavily recalls Paul Simon’s Graceland, a comparison that the band have fielded since their debut. Still, it’s a pleasant song that fans of the band are sure to like.

The new Vampire Weekend album comes out May 7th on XL Recordings. You can listen to “Arms” below:

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