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The Doors’ John Densmore Writing Tell-All Memoir

The Doors John Densmore memoirAfter Jim Morrison died, the remaining members of The Doors had a number of spats that have resulted in drummer John Densmore being exiled from the many Doors-related activities undertaken by guitarist Robbie Krieger and keyboardist Ray Manzarek. Now, Densmore plans to give us the scoop on what happen in a memoir titled The Doors Unhinged: Jim Morrison’s Legacy Goes To Trial. The book is expected to be released on April 17th through Amazon’s CreateSpace self-publishing platform.

A press release from Densmore says that the book will detail the years of legal spats between him and the other members of the band, particularly over whether or not to license their songs for ads. When Morrison was alive, Densmore claims that he abhorred the notion of licensing their songs; since his death, Densmore claims that Krieger and Manzarek have found it difficult to hold to their dead friend’s wishes. The book also covers the court case to cut Densmore out of the band legally, including statements from Krieger and Manzarek’s lawyer labeling Densmore a “communist, anarchist and al-Qaeda supporter.”

Krieger and Manzarek continue to tour (against Densmore’s wishes) with The Cult’s Ian Astbury and The Police’s Stewart Copeland as Riders In The Storm, a band that plays Doors songs and was called Doors Of The 21st Century until they were legally forced to change their name.

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