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The Eagles May Tour Again

The Eagles documentaryFollowing the premiere of their documentary at the Sundance Film Festival, the members of  The Eagles gathered for a surprise Q&A session. During the Q&A, singer/guitarist Glenn Frey revealed that the band do intend to head out on tour some time in the future.

A report in SPIN detailed the events during and after the premiere of History of The Eagles, Part One, the first of two planned films documenting the life of the immensely popular folk-rock group. Surprisingly, the film was made with the participation of Frey and Don Henley, both of whom have earned a reputation of being stern guardians of their own legacies. When asked why they agreed to take part in the film, Frey said that the story of the band “is so much bigger than the individuals involved,” but Henley offered a more curt answer: “Our manager said that we should do it, so we did it.”

Inevitably, someone asked the band what the future holds in store for them. While Frey didn’t say anything about a follow-up to their last album, 2007’s Long Road Out Of Eden, he did open the possibility of a tour: “We have been looking into the possibility of getting back on the road and playing some shows soon, maybe incorporating some footage [from the documentary]. We just haven’t decided yet.”

The full documentary History Of  The Eagles will premiere on the Showtime network in February.

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