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The Flaming Lips Announce New Album ‘The Terror’

The Flaming Lips The TerrorFor the past few years, The Flaming Lips have made headlines for strictly non-musical reasons. They’ve done one-off collaborations with pop stars, they set a Guinness World Record, they’ve done full-album covers of Pink Floyd and King Crimson, and singer Wayne Coyne has managed to piss off a lot of his fellow musicians through candid interviews. Still, you had to wonder if the band would ever quit striving for attention and get back to making albums, something they haven’t done since they released Embryonic in 2009. Well, wonder no more: a press statement from the band confirmed the upcoming release of a new album titled The Terror.

Coyne remained playfully cryptic in his statement to the press, calling the album “bleak and disturbing” and declaring that “WE were hopeless, WE were disturbed, and I think, accepting that some things are hopeless or letting hope die in one area so that it can live in another? Maybe that is the beginning of the answer.” Okay, Wayne.

Assuming that this isn’t a publicity stunt about making an album that only exists in our brain waves or something, The Terror is set to come out from Warner Bros. Records on April 2nd.

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