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Ty Segall Premieres New Video for “Thank God for Sinners”

Ty Segall Thank God For SinnersThank God for sinners, because they’re the ones that have the most fun. At least that’s what Ty Segall shows us in his new video for “Thank God for Sinners.” There’s plenty of flesh in this video—in fact, the whole video is an orgy of limbs, feet, hands and rubbing torsos. Then there’s Ty in the background, lip-syncing his lyrics whilst covered in alarming makeup. We get full fleshy views,  close-ups of Ty’s pearly whites and an ending to make you gag (Seriously. Watch it for yourself).

The song comes from Segall’s latest album, Twins. Elmore’s Melissa Caruso had this to say in her review of the album: “Segall yanks the seams of ‘60s psychedelia and heavy garage rock and sews in a patch of punk panache, beautifully distorted in all the right places.”

This Friday marks the start of Segall’s U.S. tour. He’ll be kicking it off in California and heading to NYC in the beginning of next month. You can check him out at Webster Hall on February 1st or at the Music Hall of Williamsburg on February 2nd. You can also check out the rest of Melissa Caruso’s review in the Jan/Feb issue of Elmore, out in stores now.

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