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Yeah Yeah Yeahs Announce New Album

Yeah-Yeah-Yeahs-Mosquito-608x607The Yeah Yeah Yeahs belong in the basement clubs of Brooklyn as much as they belong in the concert halls of Midtown. They belong in the art exhibits of SoHo as much as they belong in the record stores of the East Village.

If you know the Yeah Yeah Yeahs, then you know that they’re the NY indie band with a track history of creating smart songs that gain both public and critical acclaim. Fever to Tell was named the best album of the year by the New York Times. Show Your Bones hit the best albums of the year lists of NME, Rolling Stone and Spin Magazine. Their third album, It’s Blitz!, was named second best album of the year by both NME and Spin. If you’re also still singing along to 2003’s “Maps,” then you understand why this group hit the ground running and is still going strong.

We haven’t heard anything from the trio since 2009’s It’s Blitz!, but now Karen O., Nick Zinner and Nick Chase are back this year with Mosquito.

“So much feeling went into this record; it was the rope ladder thrown down into the ditch for us to climb up and dust ourselves off. I hope others can climb up it too; we’re excited to share the good vibes,” O. said.

Known for their eclecticism of influences and sounds, the band looks like it will take this album as another opportunity to experiment with sounds that are outside the cut-and-paste definitions of the genres. Even so, Karen O. assures fans that this album will still be quintessentially Yeah Yeah Yeahs.“This is a feel good, food for the soul, chicken soup for the ears Yeah Yeah Yeahs record—which doesn’t mean easy listening. It means kind of raw, kind of chaotic, kind of dreamy,” O. said.“Very us.” Mosquito comes out on April 16th.

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