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Yo La Tengo Release New Video for “I’ll Be Around”

ce42ce09If you want to hear a great story and learn how to get fancy with tortillas for dinner, then Yo La Tengo has the perfect video for you. Just two weeks ago, the indie New Jersey band released their latest album, Fade, and they’ve already got a video for new track “I’ll Be Around.” The minimalist acoustic song takes its time to set up a soft, intimate feeling, and the video captures that tone. It’s like you’re just strolling through the forest. And during that stroll, you might just see Superchunk frontman Mac McCaughan.  In the video, we see McCaughan fading in and out of the scene as he plays an acoustic guitar by himself in a forest. Meanwhile, the text of the story for “I’ll Be Around” and the recipes for the spicy tortilla soup and tortilla española alternatively appear on screen. Later, we see the band itself making the recipes, but as they sit down to eat the delicious meal, the police arrive to arrest bassist James McNew. Random? We think so. But hey, we’re going with it. You can check out Mac McCaughan become one with nature, watch James McNew get arrested, and see how to make some great food in the video for “I’ll Be Around” below. We know what we’re having for dinner tonight.

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