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The Lee Boys – Testify (Evil Teen)




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ETCD23Sly Stone once said “it’s a family affair.” The Lee Boys are a true family affair. Take three brothers, join them up with three nephews, mix in some funk, soul, throw in some jam and gospel, and you get what they call “Sacred Steel.”

Testify takes you on a journey through the musical spectrum, partly because the Lee Boys invited members of their extended family to play. Funky, jazzy “I’m Not Tired” and “Praise You,” feature Warren Haynes on vocals and guitar. “Always By My Side” and “Testify” both highlight the great guitar work of Jimmy Herring.  “Wade in the Water,” featuring Gia Wyre, a neighborhood friend who grew up with the family, on lead vocals. “We always said whoever records first will feature the other on their album,” Wyre said. Good plan—bringing her on board made me feel like I was sitting on the banks of the Mississippi and my spirit was lifted up to the heavens above. Another favorite, “I Can Feel the Music,” soulfully mixes vocals, screaming pedal steel guitar and one smokin’ horn section that makes you want to get up and dance.

The bottom line: I can testify the Lee Boys’ extended family has put together one joyous treat for the ears as well as the soul.

– Gary Medica

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