Trivia: January/February 2013


Bands come and bands go. Sometimes they change personnel for a variety of reasons, including the loss of a member through illness or death. In 1969, Little Feat was formed and have since given us years of great music, even though their personnel has changed. Who is the only original member of Little Feat still playing and performing with the band? What artist did Lowell George bring with him from the Mothers of Invention?


Little Feat was formed by Bill Payne and Lowell George in 1969. George had been part of the Mothers of Invention and brought with him bass player Roy Estrada. The untimely death of Lowell George in 1979, followed by Richie Hayward in 2010 left Bill Payne as the only original member of the band.


Craig Fuller, founding member of Pure Prairie League, sang with Little Feat for several years. He helped bring Pure Prairie League to national fame with songs like “Amie.” However, after his departure (for a while at least), another lead singer gave Pure Prairie League their only Top Ten Billboard single. Who was that singer? What was the song?


When Little Feat reunited and reformed in 1987, Craig Fuller was added. He had been a driving force in Pure Prairie League, with whom he reunited many years later. During his absence, a young singer/guitarist named Vince Gill gave them their only Top Ten hit in 1980 with “Let Me Love You Tonight.”

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