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Brian Wilson: Another Beach Boys Reunion Unlikely

Brian Wilson Beach Boys reunion Grammy AwardsAt last night’s Grammys, Beach Boy Brian Wilson earned his second Grammy (yes, he’s only won two. For shame, Grammys) when 2011’s The Smile Sessions won the Grammy for Best Historical Recording. Wilson seemed in good spirits, but he had some bad news to deliver when Rolling Stone asked him about the possibility of him re-joining The Beach Boys. “I don’t think so, I doubt it,” Wilson said.

Wilson famously mended fences with fellow Beach Boy Mike Love for a world tour and a new album, That’s Why God Made The Radio. However, Love (who owns the rights to the Beach Boys name) then fired Wilson and bandmates David Marks and Al Jardine. At the time, Love said that the decision to kick Wilson out the band was purely financial.

Wilson had to have gotten the last laugh, though; the Smile project was one that Love was opposed to at the time of its recording in 1968, calling both it and 1966’s Pet Sounds “ego music.” Now, it seems that Brian Wilson’s ego music got the Beach Boys that ever-elusive Grammy trophy.

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