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Dave Grohl Working on Next Foo Fighters Album

83600aDear god, Dave Grohl. Stop being so talented and productive. You’re making the rest of us look bad. Let’s review: he directed his Sound City documentary, he directed a music video for Soundgarden, he’s touring with the Sound City Players, and he has made multiple appearances on T.V. shows and comedy podcasts. And now he’s started writing the next Foo Fighters record. Grohl revealed the news during a Reddit Ask Me Anything (AMA) session last week. When a fan asked, “Are you guys on hiatus or are you planning on recording another album any time soon?” Grohl responded, “We’re not on hiatus…we’re on ‘I hate us,’ and yes, we are already writing the new record.” The upcoming album will be the band’s eighth full-length and the follow-up to 2011’s Wasting Light.

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