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Details Revealed on New David Bowie and Iggy Pop Biopic

David+Bowie++Iggy+Pop+bowiegallery15Never was there a pairing like that of David Bowie and Iggy Pop. They were innovative, flamboyant, outrageous, unpredictable and utterly larger than life in the way we expect our superstar idols to be. In West Berlin in the 1970s, these two stars joined up in a legendary union of glamour and rock that could barely fit onto one stage. Now a new biopic, Lust for Life, will capture these moments. The film will capture Bowie and Pop during a high point in their careers, when Bowie had released Low and Pop had released The Idiot and Lust for Life. Gabriel Range is set to direct, and the screenplay was written by Robin French, who based it on Paul Trynka’s books about the two stars. Berlin-native producer Egoli Tossell said that the movie “is not a traditional rock biopic, for no one dies at the end.” The film will also focus on the divided West Berlin and the artistic community was attracted there in the Seventies.  

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