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fun. Releases New Video for “Why Am I the One”

1334636222_fun-band_320Nothing is more tragic than the journey of a lost piece of luggage. That’s what .fun proves in their new video for “Why Am I the One” off of Some Nights.

This suitcase has been through a lot. Abandoned at the baggage claim, taken, involved in a dramatic gambling session and taken for a ride on the back of a motorcycle through the countryside. Don’t worry though; this story has a happy ending. This is a pretty magical suitcase. After all, it does belong to fun. Charming and definitely...well, fun, the video shows the Grammy-winners at their best. You can check out the video for “Why Am I the One” below.   

Also, remember that time when we got to chat with fun.’s Andrew Dost? No? Well, we do. And it was awesome. Don’t worry, though. You don’t have to feel left out. You can read the full interview in the March/April issue of Elmore.

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