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Gary Clark Jr. Launching New Music Festival

imagesGary Clark Jr. hit 2012 with his major label debut, Blak and Blu, and since then, we’ve heard of nothing but his awesome chops. If you heard the album, then you’d agree: the funk of Gary Clark Jr. knows no bounds. And apparently, this is one artist who knows how to keep busy. All of 2012 saw the guitarist jumping from one festival to the next. If you missed Gary Clark Jr. last year, then you must not have been looking. How are you enjoying that rock you’ve been under? This year, he’ll be hitting the usual festival circuit, but it looks like that’s not enough for the Texas bluesman, who is launching his own festival in his home state. The Maverick Music Festival, set for March 23rd in San Antonio, will be featuring its founding musician as well as the Toadies, Girl in a Coma, Arum Rae and Henry and the Invisibles. The festival will also feature its share of local musicians who will play during the day as the announced lineup of artists will play at night. Daytime events are free, and you can get tickets for the nighttime shows on the festival’s website.

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