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Morrissey Cancels Three More Shows Due to Health

morrisseyMorrissey has been having quite a few health issues lately. Earlier this month, the singer said, “reports of my death have been greatly understated.” But now he’s cancelling three more shows. He has canceled his February 21 show in Denver, his February 22 show in Salt Lake City and his February 24 show in San Francisco. Morrissey also cancelled six show dates last month after being diagnosed with a bleeding ulcer and having been hospitalized in Michigan. Morrissey provided a very lengthy, very snarky and very over-the-top apology letter to fans. “I am certainly on the road to recovery, but caution and prevention demand further IV blood work lest I keel over and die before your very eyes. I apologize to an almost annoying degree for any trouble I’ve caused to anyone by way of travel plans and dog-sitters and ticket-outlay and re-molded hairstyles,” Morrissey said in his letter. You can read the rest of Morrissey’s letter here. Morrissey hopes to be well enough to return in time to play is February 27 show in San Diego.

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