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Muse Releases New Video for “Supremacy”

Muse-SupremacyThings that Goths like: black outfits, face paint, skateboards, dirt bikes, drinking blood, moshing, bonfires, and…surfing? Oh, and probably Matthew Bellamy’s falsetto amongst some heavy duty percussion and strumming.

There’s a lot going on in Muse’s new video for “Supremacy”  off of their latest album, The 2nd Law. There are more overdone Goths than you’ll see in a suburban Hot Topic store, and they’re all doing extreme sports, having bloody bonfires and even getting married. If you know Muse songs, you know that this band has a penchant for drama, and this video is no different. “Supremacy” shares the theatrical gusto and serious weight of other Muse songs. Muse is a band that creates music in the fantasy of a not-so-distant dystopia of restrictive laws and politics. You can read 1984, or you can listen to a Muse album. Sound heavy to you? You bet. Just wait ‘til you hear this pounding track. You ain’t heard nothing yet.  

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