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Scott Weiland Fired From Stone Temple Pilots

Scott Weiland fired from Stone Temple PilotsFor many, Scott Weiland more or less represented Stone Temple Pilots. His gruff voice (and let’s face it, his heroin-fueled antics) defined the band for the better part of two decades. However, all of that didn’t seem to ensure job security for Weiland; the band issued a statement to the press this morning saying that Weiland had been fired from Stone Temple Pilots effective today.

The statement from the band was curt, only one sentence stating that Weiland was now gone, and neither the band nor Weiland have commented further on the subject. This isn’t the first bust-up between Weiland and the rest of Stone Temple Pilots: the band tried soldiering on without him in 1997 and got a new singer, Filter’s Richard Patrick, in the mid-2000s, but their various reunions with Weiland always appeared to be more inevitability than possibility.

Weiland will be heading out on a solo tour later this year, one which was supposed to heavily feature STP songs. No word on whether or not Slash will be contacting Weiland for the possibility of a Velvet Revolver reunion.

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