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Johnny Ramone’s Widow Planning Ramones Biopic

210px-Johnny_RamoneJohnny Ramone’s widow, Linda Ramone, is looking to have the late great punk star immortalized in Hollywood through a Ramones film. “I have offers right now to do a Ramones movie, because there hasn’t been one yet,” Ramone told Rolling Stone. According to Ramone, the movie is “the only thing left” to complete the band’s legacy.

Last year saw the release of Johnny Ramone’s autobiography, Commando. The film may be based on the autobiography or it may be more of a full-band biopic. The focus of the film will depend on whether those who control the band’s music agree. But either way, Ramone is confident that the biopic will happen.

“It would be nice to do a Ramones movie. I will do one no matter what,” she said. “Maybe it will be just based more on Commando. I’m working on it right now. We’re in discussions, which is always a fun time.”

And who exactly would play the role of Johnny Ramone himself? “Of course everybody would want Johnny Depp to play him, because he’s cool and looks good,” she said. “He’s super nice to me and he used to always talk to Johnny if we’d go to the Viper Room. His band opened up for the Ramones years and years ago.” Even though Depp knew the star and had been friends with him, the actor might be a little too old for the part. “It has to be someone who’s young; they’d have to be in their twenties, and all the Ramones in their twenties looked like they were in their early twenties, so I don’t know … The hair is important. You could never have nobody with curly hair. I know that lets out a lot of people, but it’s true. The hairdo and the stance.”

Ramone is nothing if not serious about keeping her late husband’s memory alive. “Johnny’s legacy and the Ramones are the two most important things to me. Johnny left me his legacy and half of the Ramones legacy, and that’s an amazing thing to me,” she said. As for the biopic, we’ll just have to wait and see.

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