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Morrissey Forced to Cancel Tour, Advised to Retire Due to Health

morrissey-7730391It really has been a rough couple of months for Morrissey. The mess all started back in January when the singer was diagnosed with a bleeding ulcer. The English rocker was hospitalized and forced to postpone dates on his U.S. tour. Still, Morrissey was gearing up to get back on the stage. Unfortunately, he ended up cancelling some more shows again. Once again, the singer seemed to be fighting to get on the stage as he announced that he would continue the tour (and in the meantime, he had the energy to pick a fight with Paul McCartney). But the maladies continued, as Morrissey also came down with double pneumonia. Altogether, that’s a bleeding ulcer, double pneumonia and a gastrointestinal illness called Barrett’s esophagus—all in the span of three months. As much as the singer has been trying to fight it, he’ll have to throw in the towel on the tour. Morrissey is now recuperating in Mexico, where he told a radio station that he has suffered so much internal blood loss that it has caused anemia and led to several other health problems. The singer has even said that he’s been cautioned to retire for the sake of his health. 

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