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R.E.M. Prepare Deluxe Reissue of Green

R.E.M. Green Deluxe reissueR.E.M. made a huge splash in the music industry when they left their longtime independent label I.R.S. for Warner Bros. Records. The move was a risky one, but it paid off when the band’s first album for the label, Green, went platinum and produced two hit singles in “Stand” and “Orange Crush.” Now, on the 25th anniversary of the record’s release, Green is being reissued in a deluxe, two-disc package.

The reissue includes the remastered version of the original album as well as a second disc containing a live recording of a 1989 concert in Greensboro, North Carolina. The concert features most of the songs off of Green, a few fan favorites like “The One I Love” and “Fall On Me,” and versions of two songs (“Low,” “Belong”) that would eventually end up on the band’s next album, Out Of Time. The band are also releasing a 5-disc EP of songs from the Greensboro concert exclusively on vinyl for Record Store Day.

The deluxe edition of Green comes out on May 14th. Check out the tracklist below:

Disc One – Original Album

1.       “Pop Song 89”

2.       “Get Up”

3.       “You Are The Everything”

4.       “Stand”

5.       “World Leader Pretend”

6.       “The Wrong Child”

7.       “Orange Crush”

8.       “Turn You Inside Out”

9.       “Hairshirt”

10.   “I Remember California”

11.   “Untitled”


Disc Two – Live In Greensboro 1989

1.       “Stand”

2.       “The One I Love”

3.       “Turn You Inside Out”

4.       “Belong”

5.       “Exhuming McCarthy”

6.       “Good Advices”

7.       “Orange Crush”

8.       “Cuyahoga”

9.       “These Days”

10.   “World Leader Pretend”

11.   “I Believe”

12.   “Get Up”

13.   “Life And How To Live It”

14.   “Its The End Of The World As We Know It (And I Feel Fine)”

15.   “Pop Song 89”

16.   “Fall On Me”

17.   “You Are The Everything”

18.   “Begin The Begin”

19.   “Low”

20.   “Finest Worksong”

21.   “Perfect Circle”


LIVE IN GREENSBORO EP – Record Store Day Exclusive


1.       “So. Central Rain (I’m Sorry)”

2.       “Feeling Gravitys Pull”

3.       “Strange”

4.       “King of Birds”

5.       “I Remember California”

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