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Scott Weiland Denies Being Fired, Calls It Publicity Stunt

imagesYou can’t fire the man who started the band. Well, at least that’s what Scott Weiland says. On Wednesday, the Stone Temple Pilots announced that they had fired the frontman. That same day, Weiland issued a statement questioning whether the band had the legal standing necessary to fire him. TMZ caught up with Weiland at the airport, where he denied that the Stone Temple Pilots have split at all. “STP’s not broken up,” Weiland said. “It’s a whole thing to just try to boost ticket sales.” He said that according to the band’s contract, they cannot carry on without him. When he was asked if he’s still fronting the band, he replied, “I started it.” So, just kidding? Perhaps STP isn’t broken up at all? We’re still kind of unclear about that. Either way, Weiland is kicking off his solo tour tonight in Flint, Michigan. His tour will include tracks from STP’s first two albums, Core and Purple.  

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