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The Guitars of Cindy Cashdollar

Cindy Cashdollar lap steel guitars
Cindy with her National Style 1 Tricone

Elmore Magazine #55 features a one-on-one with lap-steel extraordinaire Cindy Cashdollar. For anyone looking to pick up a lap steel, Dobro, or resonator, here are the guitars that Cindy trusts:

Dobro Model 27

Beard 6-string resonator (Mike Auldridge signature edition)

National Resophonic Baritone Tricone

National Style 1 Tricone (Early 1930s model)

Style 1 Weissenborn acoustic guitar

Asher Electro Hawaiian Model 1

1930’s Rickenbacker lap steel

1950’s Gibson lap steel

Stella square neck lap steel

Sierra single-neck 8 string lap steel

Fender Double-neck Stringmaster

Fender Triple-neck Stringmaster

Fender 4-neck Stringmaster

– Custom-made Triple-neck lap steel from Herb Remington

If you haven’t yet, check out the latest issue of Elmore Magazine for more about Cindy Cashdollar, and don’t miss Cindy when she heads out on tour this year.

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