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Weezer Announces 2014 Carribbean Cruise

1310492446-cruyiseIt’s going to be a “Holiday” as this cruise travels “Across the Sea” towards an “Island in the Sun.” Okay. We’re done. Last year, the first Weezer Cruise set off in the name of Weezer fans and sun-bathers everywhere. In addition to the eponymous rockers, performers included Sebadoh, Dinosaur Jr., Wavves and more. As the cruise traveled from Miami to Cozumel, Weezer played Pinkerton and the entirety of The Blue Album. Now you can get a chance to sail the seas with Weezer again; the band has announced the Weezer Cruise 2014, which will launch from Florida and stop in the Bahamas from February 13-17. Weezer will play three sets and chill with passengers during on-board activities (Q&A, game show). This festival will also include a private beach party and concert in Nassau. Weezer won’t be the only one; expect to have your eardrums treated to some other awesome music. The other participating acts are TBA. Pre-sales for the Weezer Cruise 2014 start on March 20, with regular sales starting March 21. You can watch the trailer video for the cruise below.

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