Lily & The Parlour Tricks – 3/11 – Mercury Lounge (New York, NY)

photoIf you enjoy your rock & roll with a sinister edge, we’d recommend you check out Lily & The Parlour Tricks. The band plays a down-home take on the genre influenced by early rock and roots music, but with a healthy amount of theatricality to boot. The band’s smorgasbord of influences can be off-putting at first, but one listen to those sultry harmonies will have you on your feet and having a great time. Pretty soon, you’ll have a chance to do that with the band themselves.

On March 11th, Lily & The Parlour Tricks will be headlining Mercury Lounge in New York City, playing alongside Alicia & The Glass Lake. It’s another step forward for a band that took SXSW by storm last year on the strength of their six-song EP and the excellent video for “Murder Song.” Seeing Lily & The Parlour Tricks live is very similar to hearing them on record: they’re both unique experiences that are highly enjoyable and impossible to forget. Make sure you see these guys.

Watch the video for “Murder Song” below:

Murder Song – Lily and the Parlour Tricks from Lily ParlourTricks on Vimeo.

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