The Black Crowes – 4/5 and 4/6 – Terminal 5 (New York, NY)

bc-1990The ‘90s are far behind us, as is the time when hits like “Hard to Handle,” “She Talks to Angels,” “Jealous Again,” “Remedy,” “Thorn in My Pride” and others were always on the airwaves. The Black Crowes reigned as the band for hard rock, a band that actually brought rock ‘n’ roll to rock ‘n’ roll. But Crowes fans already know about the band’s glory and have suffered with the Crowes’ changing lineups, hiatuses and reunions over the years. But last year, the Crowes promised to end their hiatus and hit the road again, and the time has come. The band’s Lay Down With Number 13 Tour is hitting the U.K. and then heading to our own East Coast in early April. After doing two shows in Port Chester’s Capitol Theatre on April 2-3, the Crowes will play two shows at NYC’s Terminal 5 on April 5-6.

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