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Brian Wilson To Write Autobiography

Brian Wilson Beach Boys autobiographyLegendary songwriter and original Beach Boy Brian Wilson has announced that he is at work on a memoir set to be published in 2015. The book, which Wilson will write with Rolling Stone and Men’s Journal editor Jason Fine, will be published through Da Capo Press.

The book will be a walk through the high and low points of Wilson’s life, covering his troubled relationship with his father, his work in steering the Beach Boys away from surf music towards more experimental pop, and his struggles with drugs and his own emotional fragility.

“I’ve been working harder in the last ten years than I have my entire career,” Wilson said in a statement to the press. “I guess I’ve never spent too much time thinking about all the things we went through – all the good times and bad times. I don’t like to dwell on the bad times. It makes me sad to my heart. But I feel a little stronger now.”

This is the first project announced for Wilson since he re-joined the Beach Boys to record That’s Why God Made The Radio. After the album’s release and an ensuing world tour, Wilson was controversially fired from the band by Mike Love, supposedly for financial reasons. 

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