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‘CBGB’ Filmmakers Given Rights For Gregg Allman Biopic

Gregg Allman Allman Brothers memoir movieThe producers of the upcoming CBGB’s film aren’t settled with portraying that one part of rock & roll history. According to reports coming from the Hollywood Reporter, producers Randall Miller and Jody Savin have picked up the film rights to the story of Gregg Allman. The producers plan to work with Allman on developing a script based on the singer’s memoir, My Cross To Bear

Miller told THR that the plan would be to develop a film based on Allman’s live in two parts; the first focusing on his wild years during the peak of the Allman Brothers Band, and the second would look at Allman as a changed, recovered man at 64 years old. “We knew it was a great story but didn’t know how great until we read the book,” Miller said. “That journey and coming out the other side is not the normal falling-into-hell story that rock and roll usually is.”

Miller and Savin plan to feature original songs from the Allman Brothers Band as well as songs performed by the cast. Production is scheduled to start once work on the CBGB’s film wraps later this year.

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