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Coachella Swaps Headliners For Second Weekend

The Stone Roses Blur CoachellaWe were always a little confused as to why Coachella decided extend to two weekends; to be honest, seeing the same show twice in a row is somewhat redundant. This year, though, Coachella’s second weekend will be slightly different, as previous headliners The Stone Roses will cede their top spot to fellow British rock stars Blur, according to a leaked photo of the second week’s schedule.

Festival organizers are adamant that the headliner switch was planned and point to the bands’ shared position at the top of the bill on festival posters as proof. However, many believe that the switch had more to do with the lack of interest showed by the crowd towards the Stone Roses, who reportedly played for a considerably smaller audience than Blur. For the second weekend, The Roses will only be allotted a 40-minute set while Blur close out the second Friday of the festival.

The Stone Roses were a somewhat controversial pick as Coachella headliners since the lineup was announced back in February. Coachella has been known to host a number of high-profile reunions, but The Stone Roses never had a large American fanbase, despite their sizable popularity in Britain. 

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