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Deer Tick Announce Dark New Album ‘Negativity’

Deer Tick new album NegativityDeer Tick are returning in 2013 with a new studio album, and according to singer John McAuley, the band are heading in a much darker direction than they’ve previously been to. In an interview with Rolling Stone, McAuley describes the new album, aptly titled Negativity, as a far cry from the raucous Divine Providence

The new album, which was recorded with Steve Berlin of Los Lobos, drew a lot from the turmoil that occurred in McAuley’s life over the past two years, including his parents’ divorce and the dissolution of his own relationship. McAuley admits that he “went off the rails a little bit” during this time, and the songs on Negativity reflect that, including one song McAuley claims is about his experience smoking crack.

Negativity is slated to come out either in the late summer or the early fall. 

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