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Fleetwood Mac To Release New EP “In A Few Days”

Fleetwood Mac new songBefore Fleetwood Mac embarked on their world tour this year, singer Stevie Nicks hinted that the band were working on new material for a possible album in the future. We’re not getting the album yet, but we should be getting something new from the band pretty soon. This comes according to Lindsey Buckingham, who announced to a sold-out crowd in Philadelphia that they could expect a new EP from Fleetwood Mac “in a few days.”

Right now, there isn’t much else to go on as far as an official release date, but video taken from the Philadelphia show has the band playing a new song which Buckingham called “Sad Angel.” The song starts off in a strange way before turning into what can be called vintage (post-Peter Green) Fleetwood Mac. You can listen to the new track in the embedded video below.

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