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Meat Loaf Preps New Album, Final Tour

Meat Loaf new album final tourA report in Billboard states that Meat Loaf’s upcoming U.K. tour is intended to be the last tour that the popular singer will ever do. He has cited his growing health issues as the reason behind his decision.

“I just don’t want to travel anymore,” Meat Loaf said in an interview with Reuters. “I outweigh Jagger by 100 pounds. That has to count for something. He hasn’t seen the wear and tear.” The singer is currently recovering from knee replacement surgery that he underwent last year.

While Meat Loaf will be staying off of the road permanently some time soon, he’s not slowing down in the studio. The singer announced that he has been working on a new album with his longtime collaborator Jim Steinmann. The album, titled Brave And Crazy at the moment, has no confirmed release date as of now.

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