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Replacements Fansite Attempts To Archive Band’s Live Performances

The Replacements bootlegsThe Replacements’ live shows were the stuff of legend. They’d famously play brilliant sets of their booze-soaked rock songs one night and do lousy covers of Hank Williams and Harry Chapin the next night. However, the band haven’t performed together since 1990, so the only evidence of the Replacements’ Jekyll-and-Hyde live act is on various bootleg recordings. A couple of enterprising fans are looking to change that, though, with a live archive project on the Color Me Impressed blog.

The purpose of the site, according to its founders, is simple: find every available Replacements bootleg, digitize the recording, and upload them on to the Web as a free download. Currently, the site has six shows available for download spanning across the decade-long career of the band, including the ultra-rare official live cassette The Shit Hits The Fans

Fans can check out and download these Replacements bootlegs on the Color Me Impressed website.

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