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Rolling Stones Count Down to ‘Start Me Up Wednesday’

imagesWe’re pretty sure there’s no way for the Rolling Stones to do something discreetly. Once you get to Rolling Stones-status, there’s really no going back. Which is why there’s so much hype about the group’s long-rumored American summer tour. We’ve been eagerly anticipating an announcement, and the group is just feeding into the suspense with their latest promotions. Billboards depicting the Stones’ tongue logo along with the words “Start Me Up,” along with other Stones song titles, have been popping up all over. And the band’s Facebook, Twitter and official app have been counting down to #StartMeUpWednesday. The Stones are already confirmed to play the Glastonbury Festival and London’s Hyde Park. Last month, Rolling Stone announced that the band had signed on with AEG for an 18-date tour of North America. As far as how we’ll get the big news—whether it will be via press conference or press release—no one knows yet. We’ll have to wait and see on Wednesday. 

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