Ronnie Spector – 5/7 – City Winery (New York, NY)

Ronnie Spector City WineryHaving spent 50 years making pop music and a few of those years married to one of the most revered (and reviled) producers in music history, Ronnie Spector has some stories to tell. But why would she just sit and tell you her story when she can just as easily sing it to you? Well, that’s what Ronnie will be doing for this gig at New York’s City Winery. The girl-group legend will take listeners through a musical tour of her career, from her work with the Ronettes through her tumultuous relationship with Phil Spector all the way up to her entry into the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame in 2007. It’s a rare look through the life of a musical legend that needs to be seen and heard.

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