#56 May/June 2013

#54 January/Feburary 2013
On the cover: Daryl Hall. Photograph by Mick Rock.


The Philadelphia StoryPhiladelphia Music
Home of the Liberty Bell, Philly’s brotherly love extends across instruments, race, genres and Number One charts around the world. One city, many roads

Free Jazz
You’d think by 82 a musician would have it down pat, yet jazz guitarist Jim Hall is still making it up as he goes along…and people sign up for lessons. One portrait of a merry improviser


Inbox: Love for LevonMail: Elmore readers weigh in on Levon Helm

Opening Act: Snippets, fun, interviews, reviews, the real skinny on upcoming festivals

Kickin’ in Your Stall: Even seasoned performers remain susceptible to thrills, including having true legends record their songs. Dr. John sings Carl Gustafson

Daryl Hall & Todd Rundgren: From Philly to the heightsInfluences: Philly natives Daryl Hall and Todd Rundgren still share remarkable similarities

On The Record: The performer who put the edge on the cutting edge, David Bowie’s up to his old tricks. Elsewhere, Emmylou and Rodney gaze at an Old Yellow Moon, Richard Thompson with another Electric album and Southern Hospitality opts for Easy Livin’.

Re.Issues: Hard to get enough of Wanda Jackson, but this compilation may fend off those rockabilly jitters. Wanda’s old beau Elvis puts on a good show himself, from Hawaii. Albert King’s Bad Sign may have ended as his album gets new life

Saturday Night and Sunday Morning: Otis Redding’s monumental talent needs no mythology, but it comes with the territory

What’d I Say: Jim Hynes applauds artists who record with guests

The Good Seats: Venues where every seat is a good seat. This issue, the Sellersville Theater, 40 miles from Philly

Also Appearing: Trippy Dr. John and suave Allen Toussaint cook up N’awlins in NYC. Michael Des Barres tripped out and John Gorka played Key West to a trippy audience

Collecting: His record collection drowned in Superstorm Sandy, so Arnie Goodman begins a new column based on what he does best: dispensing his opinions. In this issue, his 100 best blues/rock guitar players. Agree or disagree, but don’t blame us—email arnie@elmoremagazine.com

Get to Know: 20 Songs Across the Nation

This Month’s Trivia

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