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Big Star Documentary, Soundtrack to See Wide Release

Big Star Nothing Can Hurt Me soundtrackAt long last, the story of the beloved cult band Big Star is coming to the big screen. Nothing Can Hurt Me, which tracks the rise and frustrating fall of the band, is set for release in theaters and On Demand on July 3rd. The film premiered at this year’s SXSW festival.

Coming along with the release of the Big Star documentary is the release of the soundtrack for the documentary. The Nothing Can Hurt Me soundtrack was originally released as a Record Store Day Exclusive LP; as is the case with most Record Store Day exclusive releases, most fans were incredibly lucky if they managed to get a copy, and some copies are going for hundreds of dollars on eBay. For those who’d rather not pony up the cash for the album online, Omnivore Recordings is planning a release of the Nothing Can Hurt Me soundtrack on CD and LP on June 22nd.

The soundtrack consists of demos and unreleased recordings used in the film. Most of the songs would end up appearing on Big Star’s 3 albums and songwriter Chris Bell’s solo album I Am The Cosmos.

Nothing Can Hurt Me soundtrack tracklist:

1. O My Soul (Demo, 1973)

2. Give Me Another Chance (Control Room Monitor Mix, 1972)

3. In The Street (Movie Mix, 2012)

4. When My Baby ’s Beside Me (Alternate Mix, 1972)

5. Studio Banter (1972)

6. Try Again (Movie Mix, 2012)

7. My Life Is Right (Alternate Mix, 1972)

8. The Ballad Of El Goodo (Alternate Mix, 1972)

9. Feel (Alternate Mix, 1972)

10. Don’t Lie To Me (Alternate Mix, 1972)

11. Way Out West (Alternate Mix, 1973)

13. Thirteen (Alternate Mix, 1972)

14. You Get What You Deserve (Alternate Mix, 1973)

15. Holocaust (Rough Mix, 1974)

16. Kanga Roo (Rough Mix, 1974)

17. Stroke It Noel (Backward Intro, 1974)

18. Big Black Car (Rough Mix, 1974)

19. Better Save Yourself (Movie Mix, 2012)

20. I Am The Cosmos (Movie Mix, 2012)

21. All We Ever Got From Them Was Pain (Movie Mix, 2012) 

22. September Gurls (Movie Mix, 2012)

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