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Catholic League Attacks New David Bowie Video

David Bowie The Next Day music videoWe all should have seen this coming. Yesterday, David Bowie released a video for his song “The Next Day” which was rife with religious iconography appropriated in a way that some people were bound to take offense. As it turns out, the Catholic League didn’t appreciate Bowie’s use of Christian imagery, calling the video the work of “a switch-hitting, bisexual senior citizen from London” and saying that the video reflects Bowie’s “confusion” about religion.

The clip, which features appearances by Marion Cotillard and Gary Oldman, features priests meeting prostitutes in a brothel while a Christ-robed Bowie performs the song. Cotillard gets stigmata, Bowie seemingly ascends into heaven; it’s as if Bowie was actually courting controversy. Gee, he’s never done that before…

Catholic League spokesman Bill Donohue doesn’t quite think that Bowie’s just getting people’s goats, saying in a statement that Bowie just plain doesn’t understand religion. Donohue seemed more depressed than angry with the Bowie video, saying that he hopes that Bowie’s fascination with Catholicism will lead to more Catholic-friendly art in the future.

At the risk of irking anyone else, you can watch the offending clip below:

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